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Did you know that as of June 2008, bullying and harassment is against the law
Bullying means systematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress by way of written, verbal, or physical behavior, including threatening, insulting or dehumanizing gesture, by a student or adult. Bullying may involve but is not limited to: 
  • Teasing 
  • Social exclusion 
  • Threats 
  • Intimidation 
  • Stalking 
  • Physical violence 
  • Theft 
  • Sexual or religious harassment 
  • Public humiliation 
  • Destruction of property 
If you are being bullied, there is help! Visit the main office at your school and complete the “Bullying and Harassment Anonymous Reporting Form.” Place your completed form in the reporting box in the main office. Your concern will be addressed in a prompt and confidential manner. You may also click on the link below and print out a copy. Remember, bullying is not OK - getting help is! We can help!! 
Instructions on how to send an anonymous text tip:
Select text “Messaging” or “SMS” (short messaging service) on your phone’s main menu. 
Create (compose) a new message, beginning with the keyword BE SAFE (not case sensitive) in the body of the message. 
Send the message to the short code of 274637 (Crimes)


No, Bully!

Written by Nikki Aksamit 

A bully is a boy or a girl who makes you feel bad. Who says things or does things That make you feel sad.


A bully may laugh When you make a mistake. Or call you mean names

Push you, shove you or shake.


What do you do If you’re bullied today?

You must try to stay calm And just walk away.


Go tell a grown up

They'll know what to do. Teachers and parents are here to help you.


What if you see

A bully pick on a friend?

How do you make

The meanness come to an end?


Tell the bully to stop! 

Take your friend by the hand.

Go find a grown up

They will understand!


School is a safe place

To learn, grow, and play

If you speak up and stand up

Bullies can't ruin the day!

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